Barco & Genetec Integrate Control Room Technology

21.09.2011 Products
Barco & Genetec Integrate Control Room Technology

Barco & Genetec Integrate Control Room Technology

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Visualization pioneer Barco has optimized its universal visualization platform to interface directly with Genetec's Omnicast IP Video Surveillance System to boost efficiency, flexibility and collaboration in centers responsible for emergency and crisis management.

In an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) where seconds can be critical to survival, Barco's TransForm N with Control Room Management Suite (CMS) software speeds decision-making by enabling multiple operators working on an incident to quickly pull visual information from numerous sources to form a common operational picture.

This single perspective can be pushed to an overview display wall or to any display on the network, conveying the “big picture” to promote greater understanding and facilitate collaboration between various agencies in the event of a large-scale emergency.

Now, with the established interface between CMS and Omnicast, public agencies can deliver IP video streams to the EOC in a secure, controlled way, permitting the EOC access to only those sources allowed, and centrally logging each activity to ensure the security of the information. Operators can capture information from more sources and easily manipulate and view camera streams, dragging and dropping them into various views using the CMS' familiar graphic user interface. By gaining greater access and control of any type of IP video stream, operators can amass an abundance of crucial information and organize it in a meaningful way, enhancing up-to-the-minute situational awareness to ensure prompt action.

“Genetec and Barco have partnered for many years to bring the best security and surveillance tools to the market,” commented Francis Lachance, Product Manager for Genetec. “Our Omnicast Video Management System (VMS) integrates extremely well with Barco's TransForm N platform, allowing us to demonstrate our integration capabilities with manufacturers.”

“Thanks to their system flexibility and open architecture, we can easily integrate our visualization platform with Genetec's VMS to produce a solution that enables EOCs to manage crises in the most efficient and responsive way,” commented Peter Bussens, Market Director Control Rooms and Simulation.


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