MBDA Selects Barco's Visualization Technologies

13.09.2011 Products
MBDA Selects Barco

MBDA Selects Barco's Visualization Technologies

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Barco has been selected by MBDA for its first (MPCV) Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle system.

Barco will provide its TL-248 and TX-243 rugged displays, mission recorders and Fiber Optic Link for these armored ground vehicles.

MBDA is the European leader and a world leader in the missile systems sector. Four years after launching its self-funded development of MPCV (Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle), a new generation of mobile, quick reaction ground based air defense systems, MBDA has signed a contract with an export customer, for whom MBDA will be integrating its air defense system onto high mobility armored vehicles.

For these systems, MBDA has officially selected Barco's TX-243 commander display and TL-248 fire control display in combination with a complete set of operator HMI (Human Machine Interface) functionalities. In addition, MBDA has also selected Barco's mission recorder for post-mission analysis and training and its Fiber Optic Link for remote operation in a safe environment.

"We selected Barco because we needed a reliable partner and because of their position of worldwide leader in rugged displays," commented the MPCV Project Manager at MBDA. "Barco's rugged displays provide the operator with an efficient, ergonomic interface system. They are renowned for their extreme reliability and excellent readability. In addition, we very much value Barco's project management capabilities."

"Barco has been serving the defense community for over 20 years, providing a qualified line of visualization technologies for many military vehicle programs around the world. This experience enabled us to quickly customize our products to the specific MBDA requirements for the first demonstrator unit," said Jean-Luc Pomier, Market Director for Barco's Defense & Aerospace Division. "Based on this successful development, we were selected for the full program."

Barco's TX-243 is an extremely rugged 17" display for the highly demanding environment of the ground army vehicle. It offers an ideal solution for battlefield management, fire control, driver's view enhancement, reconnaissance or local situational awareness.

The TL-248 is Barco's 19" thin and lightweight display. It combines unmatched thinness with exceptionally low weight to provide a unique, rugged display solution, especially for applications where space and weight are critical.


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