Eurocopter: World's Fastest Helicopter

01.10.2010 Products
Eurocopter: World

Eurocopter: World's Fastest Helicopter

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Eurocopter unveiled a helicopter designed to break existing speed records.
Eurocopter revolutionary design is intended to counter its U.S. rival Sikorsky's efforts to break the speed barrier, the Daily Mail reported this week.
Eurocopter's X3 innovative design features forward-facing propellers mounted upon two stubby aircraft wings along with traditional helicopters' overhead rotor blades, producing a hybrid plane-helicopter design. The X3 is propelled by two turbo-shaft engines powering its main vertical five-blade rotor, while two more forward-facing propellers are installed on small wings on each side of the aircraft.
Eurocopter President and Chief Executive Officer Lutz Bertling said, "the teams at Eurocopter took this hybrid helicopter from concept to first flight in less than three years, which demonstrates their skills, capabilities and dedication to defining the future of rotary-wing aircraft."
Eurocopter said the X3 can fly at nearly 250 miles per hour. Conventional helicopters for commercial and civilian fly at around 150 miles per hour.



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