Thales Launches BlueGate

24.07.2010 Products
Thales Launches BlueGate

Thales Launches BlueGate

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Thales introduced BlueGate, its new range of IFF solutions created to be fully compliant with the introduction of Mode 5 and Mode S international secure identification capabilities, at the ongoing Farnborough Air Show. Thales’ BlueGate product family offers a global range of equipments comprising airborne transponders, airborne interrogators, airborne combined interrogators transponders, ground/surface interrogators, and combined interrogator-transponders.

 BlueGate’s compliance with Mode 5 (the new NATO secure identification mode) guarantees the interoperability between NATO and Allied Forces for the coming decades and provides high-performance identification capabilities. BlueGate thus further minimizes the possibility of friendly fire on an aircraft or a ship.

 BlueGate Mode S is fully compliant with the latest International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard and with the Eurocontrol regulations for military and civil air surveillance. Therefore, it provides military aircrafts with the capability to fly into the general airspace without any specific restrictions.

 “We are proud to launch BlueGate, Thales’ new IFF family which is compliant with present and future operational requirements.” said Patrice Caine, Director of Radio Communication activities at Thales. “With this offer, Thales provides forces with solutions guaranteeing efficiency while ensuring better protection.”


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