Oshkosh: New SandCat M-LPV Capabilities at DVD 2010

23.06.2010 Products

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Oshkosh Defense will demonstrate several highly mobile and protected vehicles at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) which will take place at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedforshire, England, from 23-24 June 2010.
The demonstrations include the new SandCat Mine-Resistant Light Patrol Vehicle (M-LPV) which provides protection from in-theater threats such as mines and improvised explosive devices (IED), and delivers the SandCat platform’s exceptional mobility and maneuverability for missions on varying terrains.
“The SandCat M-LPV is ideal for militaries and a wide range of security forces that need a protected, agile vehicle for missions facing the dangers of modern battlefield threats such as IEDs and armor-piercing bullets,” said Ron Ziebell, Oshkosh Defense Vice President and General Manager, International Programs. "We will demonstrate the vehicle's small turning radius, off-road capabilities and exceptional ride quality to the U.K. Ministry of Defence at DVD. It is these features that will give forces the handling they need for challenging environments from bustling, narrow city streets to rocky, mountainous landscapes.”
To date, Sweden, Bulgaria, Canada, and Israel have ordered SandCat variants, which also include utility, transport and Special Operations Vehicle (SOV). Customers are using the vehicles for border patrol, security missions and military operations, including in Afghanistan.
Oshkosh also will be demonstrating its MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) and a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) 8x8 Load Handling System (LHS) at DVD 2010.
The M-ATV was developed to meet an urgent need in Afghanistan for a vehicle that delivered MRAP-level protection capabilities but with enhanced mobility. The M-ATV is built around a proven chassis and uses the Oshkosh TAK-4® independent suspension system to achieve a 70% off-road profile capability. This enhanced mobility, which includes 16 inches (40 centimeters) of independent wheel travel, helps the vehicle traverse cross-country terrain or unimproved road networks in places like Afghanistan.

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