NGC: New Naval Display Features

03.06.2010 Products

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Northrop Grumman announced the introduction of new naval display features for its marine navigation radar systems.
The new naval display options, now available with Northrop Grumman's Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT series of naval radars, includes dual-radar input, 600-knot target tracking capability, CCTV interface and stabilized sector transmission.
The dual-radar configuration permits inputs from two separate asynchronous radar units to be shown on a single integrated display. By combining inputs from separate X (I)-band and S (E/F)-band radars, a 360-degree picture can be presented to reveal nearby and far-off targets, and eliminate blind arcs. The radar operator can track targets from both radars in the usual way, with the inputs correlated to provide a single target on the screen.

Other features standard in the VisionMaster FT naval radar systems include red first strike for identifying fast-moving targets, helicopter approach sectors, freeze frame for periods of radar silence, station keeping, index lines and target intercept.

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