First TEDS Data Radio

19.05.2010 Products

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EADS Defence & Security (DS) have joined forces with State Security Networks Ltd., operator of the Finnish VIRVE network, and started testing the TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS). Tests are running on a test network with the same characteristics as the live VIRVE authority network, apart from the Fortecor TEDS-capable software.

This is the first time that the Fortecor TEDS-capable TETRA system software has been delivered to a customer's network. Further, the tests rely on the
world's first TEDS data radio that EADS Defence & Security recently launched.

These tests include tasks related to TEDS subscriber provisioning, activating high-speed data services for users, and measurement and analytics tools.
According to plans, the first user organisations begin with their own TEDS tests towards the end of the year 2010, running field operational tests on
end-to-end applications, both those developed in EADS Defence & Security and those already deployed at the user organisations.

TEDS is the high-speed data evolution of the TETRA radio communication standard, and a Fortecor TEDS-capable TETRA network will provide significantly faster data services than today’s TETRA networks without compromising any of the technology’s high security or coverage capabilities. Fortecor TEDS is the most cost-effective way to introduce wide area highspeed capability for TETRA users.

EADS Defence & Security was the first vendor to demonstrate TEDS in June 2007 and has continued to develop TEDS-capable TETRA radios as well as
system software so that it can run on existing EADS TETRA hardware.


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