MPCV to Enter Production

25.03.2010 Products

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MBDA is in the process of freezing the final definition of the MPCV (Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle) in readiness for its series production. Two Mistral missile firings carried out at the end of 2009 served to validate this automatic system in its air defence configuration. This definition freezing represents the final technical step before moving into series production which should be launched in the very near future.

 In parallel to preparing the system for production, MBDA is finalising the software development of MPCV’s various functions, in particular its integration within a command and coordination network via the MCP (Mistral Coordination Post) command and control system (C2) also conceived and produced by MBDA. The totality of these functions will be validated in spring and autumn 2010. Initial MPCV development is based on the Sherpa 3A all-terrain armoured vehicle manufactured by Renault Trucks Defense as well as VHF PR4G-F@stnet communications by Thales Communications. In parallel to these developments, MBDA is actively working on adapting the MPCV to meet the specific needs of several export customers.

 MBDA is jointly held by BAE Systems (37,5%), EADS (37,5%) and Finmeccanica (25%).

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