New Compact Integrated Bridge Systems for Ships

02.12.2009 Products

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Northrop Grumman Corporation's Sperry Marine business unit has introduced a new compact integrated bridge system (CIBS) designed to improve situational awareness and ship efficiency while reducing installation costs.


The new CIBS is based on Sperry Marine's VisionMaster FTT technology, and utilizes the company's proprietary TotalWatchT multifunction displays, permitting the user to customize display screens to meet operational requirements. The system uses state-of-the-art, high-resolution WideScreenTdisplay consoles, which provide a 25 percent larger viewing area than standard screens. Standard operating modes include conning information display, radar only, chart radar and IMO-compliant electronic chart display and information system with Sperry Marine's optional iViewT 3-D picture for underwater contours and hazards.

The CIBS package is fully type approved to meet applicable international regulatory requirements.

The standard VisionMaster FT CIBS package includes the three-node console/display units and steering stand, as well as all necessary
subsystems and sensors, including gyrocompass, speed log, echosounder, automatic identification system, voyage data recorder, GPS, steering controls and self-tuning adaptive autopilot.




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