Jean-Patrick Baillet Chairman of Nexter Munitions and Deputy Managing Director of Nexter Systems

29.07.2009 New Appointments
Jeas n Patrick Baillet

Jeas n Patrick Baillet

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The Nexter Munitions board meeting held on July 24, 2009, approved the nomination of Jean-Patrick Baillet as Chairman of Nexter Munitions.
Baillet has been also named Deputy Managing Director of Nexter Systems. As such, he has a large delegation at his disposal to manage all the company's activities.
Nexter Munitions is the Nexter Systems subsidiary that manages all the group’s ammunition activities.
Jean-Patrick Baillet, 57 years old, is graduate of the Polytechnic School, Ingénieur Général de l’Armement and has a doctorate in economic sciences.
In 1978 he started working at the Bourges plant where he was Artillery Manufacturing Manager. Eight years later he started working for the Industrial Programs and Affairs Division (DPAI) of the French defence procurement Agency (DGA), where he was in charge of naval and land activities.
Called to the Head of the DGA’s board in 1988, Jean-Patrick Baillet was named Technical Advisor and as such, ensured the monitoring of the Land Armament Division’s (DAT) activities, the DGA’s workforce and the project to convert the Land Armament Manufacturing Group (GIAT) into a public limited company.
In July 1990 he entered Giat Industries where he successfully managed the Saint- Etienne and Tarbes plants. In July 1996, he became Vice-President for operations of the Armoured Systems Division, then, in December 1998, he was appointed the group’s deputy Vice-President for purchases and production. In 2002, he was named Executive Vice-President for customer services, then, at the end of 2004, Executive Vice-President for systems design and engineering.
When the Nexter group was founded in 2006, he was named Deputy managing director in charge of operations. As such, he led the Nexter Systems’ design, purchases, production and support activities.
Jean-Patrick Baillet is knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honour and Officer of the National Order of Merit.

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