Russia to Build Advanced Air Defense System

File Photo © Sputnik/Sergey Malgavko Sputnik29.03.2017 Russia
Russia to Build Advanced Air Defense System

Russia to Build Advanced Air Defense System

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Russia plans to construct a prospective anti-aircraft short-range missile system (SAM) which will be supplied to troops by 2030-2035, Army Colonel-General and the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces Oleg Salyukov announced.

The Commander-in-Chief explained that the army was currently developing recommendations for carrying out research on this subject.

According to Salyukov, a tactical and technical task for creation of the complex will be put together in the future.

He further noted that the military-technical conference held at Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol is also dedicated to the quality of military products and operations of the air defense complexes that are in service with the land forces. 



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