Rosoboronexport Plans to Export Anti-Mine Robot Uran-6

Sputnik17.05.2016 Russia
Rosoboronexport Plans to Export Anti-Mine Robot Uran-6

Rosoboronexport Plans to Export Anti-Mine Robot Uran-6

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Rosoboronexport (Russian state arms exporter) intends to export anti-mine robot Uran-6 due to its high effectiveness during the Palmyra operations, an official from the corporation said.

Uran-6 has proved to be effective during the operation to demine the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, Valery Varlamov, the Head of Rosoboronexport’s delegation to the SOFEX-2016 military exhibition which was held in the Jordanian capital of Amman last week (10-12 May).

“Concerning ‘Uran-6,’ an export product design specification has been drawn up. We are already starting to pave the way for our foreign partners to express their willingness to cooperate with us in this area,” he said.

Varlamov added that in the future, foreign partners would be able to buy a combat version of the robot as well as a fire-fighting modification.

He noted that Russian specialists removed mines from about 3,000 sites in Syria.

The Daesh terrorist group (IS, outlawed in Russia) seized Palmyra in May 2015 and held it until March 2016, when the city was liberated by Syrian government troops supported by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces. The terrorists destroyed a number of historical monuments in the city and left many mines which were deactivated by Russian specialists.



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