Russia to Develop Electronic Platform for Warfare Troops by 2018

Sputnik22.04.2016 Russia
Russia to Develop Electronic Platform for Warfare Troops by 2018

Source: © Russian Defense Ministry

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Russia is planning to develop a training ground for the electronic warfare troops by 2018, Commander of the troops Major General Yuri Lastochkin said.

“As part of the development of training facilities, the creation of a specialized training ground for electronic warfare troops of the Russian Armed Forces is planned by 2018,” Lastochkin told reporters.

According to the commander, it will allow in a short time to prepare for the implementation of training and combat missions for the electronic warfare units, as well as practical consideration of the specific operational and tactical situation with the possibility of cooperation on the planned virtual battlefield.

The creation of the training ground will also help reduce logistical and financial costs, the commander added.

Lastochkin said that a new electronic training complex had been developed and would undergo state testing in the near future.

In February, Chief of the US Army’s Electronic Warfare at the Pentagon Col. Jeffrey Church said that Washington was likely to lag behind Russia in respect of electronic warfare.



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