Russia to Develop Next-Gen Navy Integral Control Systems

RIA Novosti Sputnik04.04.2016 Russia
Russia to Develop Next-Gen Navy Integral Control Systems

Research-and-Production Association (RPA) Mars

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Next-generation integral control systems for the Russian Navy will be developed in the near future, Research-and-Production Association (RPA) Mars Director General said.

“Today we are on the verge of moving toward creating a new generation of high-tech highly intelligent integrated control systems for current and future Navy surface warships. RPA Mars is a direct participant in this process,” Mars Director General Vladimir Maklaev told RIA Novosti.

Maklaev said unifying software and hardware solutions, communication protocols, reducing equipment and personnel, eliminating duplication and improving the system’s intelligence are among the envisioned upgrades.

“As a developer of four generations of combat information and control systems for Navy surface ships, implementing the task of creating a new generation of control systems is one of the main activities for Mars RPA today. I hope that solutions to develop ICS (Integral Control Systems) for future ships are a near-term and not a distant prospect,” Maklaev added.

RPA Mars is Russia’s leading enterprise in the area of industrial control systems for naval combat operations. The company develops a wide range of products, including special-purpose computer aids, electronic modules, printed-circuit boards and rugged monitors.



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