HGH to Supply Panoramic Thermal Cameras to Shipyards in Middle East & Europe

14.10.2020 North America
HGH to Supply Panoramic Thermal Cameras to Shipyards in Middle East & Europe

HGH to Supply Panoramic Thermal Cameras to Shipyards in Middle East & Europe

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HGH recently won contracts worth about six million Euros from world-leading shipyards in the Middle-East and in Europe, to equip new warships with SPYNEL panoramic thermal cameras and with their new IRST solution.

The rise of new technologies urges naval forces to adapt their defence, detection and threat-tracking capabilities; HGH took up the challenge to answer the growing needs in terms of embarked IRST systems, launching their new IRST solution based on the SPYNEL technology at Euronaval Online Digital Show to be held 19-25 October 2020.

SPYNEL-X is a sea-proven solution suited for self-protection of all surface vessels. It is a fully passive infrared surveillance technology, able to automatically and simultaneously detect, track and classify small size air and surface threats coming from opposite directions at long range.

HGH offers an IRST solution based on the SPYNEL-X technology: providing a full panoramic 3D defensive bubble, adapted to rough sea conditions thanks to an integrated gyrostabilization system. Fully passive and undetectable by the enemy, the IRST enables a quick reaction time, thanks to the automatic transmission of tracks into the vessel’s Combat Management System.

This enhanced situational awareness is provided by the combination of two SPYNEL-X sensors, fixed on either side of the mast, or on the bow and stern of the vessel, capturing videos with a resolution of up to 120 Mpix. Data is then collected and fused on a single workstation by HGH’s CYCLOPE Hypervisor processing software, and immediately transferred to the vessel’s Combat Management System.

Edouard Campana, Head of Security and Defence Optronics at HGH, said: ‘‘We have been equipping military ships for many years now, and these significant contracts demonstrate HGH's commitment to continuous innovation to meet the evolving needs of the Maritime Defense industry.’’

Built up to withstand the harshest conditions, the SPYNEL technology was already chosen by several Navies and installed on multiple warships around the world. Always focused on being one step ahead in panoramic thermal imaging technology, HGH is now committed to serving the naval industry with their advanced 360° IRST system.

HGH has been an expert in infrared technology for over 35 years. Since 1982, HGH designs, develops, assembles and sells electro-optics systems and software for security, defence, oil & gas, energy and various industrial applications. The company has established itself as an international reference in terms of innovation in infrared technology, through the development of multiple advanced sensors, systems and proprietary software.



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