Israel Tests New Sea-to-Sea Missile for Corvettes

The Times of Israel; File Photo: Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 5-Class Corvette © Elad Gershgoren02.10.2020 North America
Israel Tests New Sea-to-Sea Missile for Corvettes

Israel Tests New Sea-to-Sea Missile for Corvettes

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The Israeli Navy and Defense Ministry tested a new sea-to-sea missile off the Israeli coast last month, paving the way for their full use on navy corvettes, the military said.

“This system is meant to ensure the naval superiority of the [Sea Corps],” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement, The Times of Israel reported.

The missile system - whose name has not been released - was developed by Israeli Aerospace Industries and was tested by the Navy and the Defense Ministry’s Weapons Development and Technology Infrastructure Administration, known by its Hebrew acronym MAFAT.

“The new missile system has more accurate attack capabilities, abilities to reach farther distances, improved attack flexibility and is better able to handle the advanced threats it is facing,” the IDF said.

Upon completion of the tests two weeks ago, the system was deemed operational and ready for use in the navy. During the trial, one of the missiles was fired at a decommissioned ship that was meant to simulate an enemy vessel.

“The missiles will be integrated into the navy on Sa’ar-5 class missile ships and the new Sa’ar-6 missile ships that are due to be brought into the missile ship fleet in the coming months,” the military said, referring to new, larger vessels that were purchased to assist in the defense of Israel’s natural gas platforms. 


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