Mobilization of French Aerospace Industry to Fight COVID-19

01.04.2020 North America
Mobilization of French Aerospace Industry to Fight COVID-19

Mobilization of French Aerospace Industry to Fight COVID-19

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Eric Trappier, Chairman of GIFAS (French Aerospace Industries Association), also Chairman/CEO of Dassault Aviation, made the following statement:

“Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, the entire aerospace industry and the 400 GIFAS member companies have rallied to serve their employees, their customers and our country.

The industry, including the major groups, equipment manufacturers, SMEs and VSEs, is first and foremost making every effort to provide the best possible safety for its 195,000 employees, whose health is our top priority. We are optimizing workplace safety by following the recommendations and operating procedures laid down by the UIMM (Union of Metallurgical Industries and Trades) in consultation with employee representative organizations. Wherever possible, we have also asked our teams to telework.

GIFAS recognizes the very good coordination with the public and political authorities in charge of managing the crisis. It strictly applies the Government’s directives. It supports the decisions taken to protect the economy of our country and allow us to resume business activity with the appropriate health measures, in a sustainable context, and thus ensure the continued success of our industry. The same is true for our companies, which comply with the instructions of the authorities and their request to maintain a certain level of activity.”

“We assure our customers, including the armed and security forces that have been widely deployed, particularly with the use of our equipment, of our full operational cooperation and support,” Trappier concluded.


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