Roketsan Steps into Directed Energy Weapon Systems with ALKA

26.03.2020 North America
Roketsan Steps into Directed Energy Weapon Systems with ALKA

Roketsan Steps into Directed Energy Weapon Systems with ALKA

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Pushing the boundaries of technology in the fields of conventional rockets, missiles and munitions, Roketsan is continuing its works on innovative weapon systems. The ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System (DEWS) is one outcome of those efforts.

Capable of directing electromagnetic and laser energy to a specific target, the ALKA DEWS allows the user to functionally intercept individual or groups of drones through its electromagnetic jamming capability, while making it possible to neutralize drones, drone groups and improvised explosive devices (IED) from a safe distance by making use of its electromagnetic and laser destruction capability. The system offers its user a three-phased defense capability through its electromagnetic jamming system (EJS) and laser destruction system, as well as the electromagnetic destruction system (EDS) that is in the process of being developed.

The changes in threats parallel to the technological advances make it necessary to use new kinds of defense armaments. For example, drones are being used for commercial and civilian purposes at an increasing pace, in addition to their military use and they are now being used frequently for acts of terrorism. In addition to low-cost drones that have acquired autonomous flight capabilities become more resistant to jamming and are supported by swarming algorithms, IED mechanisms are emerging as a major threat in today’s conflicts as well.

Defense through the use of conventional firearms cannot always be employed against drone threats due to the potential for collateral damage, as well as the specialized personnel and ammunition needed for such operations. A look at global trends indicates that innovative defense systems are being used against such new threats at a growing pace. Similarly, the elimination of IED threats requires innovative solutions and DEWS is considered to be the most cost-effective solution for defense against IEDs, drones, and particularly swarms of drones.

ALKA DEWS can hit a target at a selected point, focusing directed energy on the target with high precision, and thus preventing collateral damage. The cost of per round of the system, which responds at the speed of light and that can be used day and night, is much lower than conventional ammunition.

Capable of eliminating different kinds of threats posed by autonomous drones, spy drones, explosive-laden drones, swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and IEDs, ALKA DEWS can be used as a mobile or stationary unit, depending on user requirements. The mobile system is regarded as an ideal solution for the defense of advancing or deployed units, as well as in urban operations, whereas the stationary system can be used in the air defense of critical facilities such as headquarters, bases, ports and fortified guardhouses.



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