CAE Introduces CAE TRAX Academy for Military Student Pilot Training

06.12.2019 North America
CAE Introduces CAE TRAX Academy for Military Student Pilot Training

CAE Introduces CAE TRAX Academy for Military Student Pilot Training

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At the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), the world’s largest military training and simulation event (Orlando, Florida, 02-06 December 2019), CAE introduced the CAE TRAX Academy, an integrated and advanced training continuum designed to deliver faster and more efficient throughput for military student pilot training. 

CAE also launched the CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) trainer, an integral part of the CAE TRAX Academy, to enable self-paced learning in an immersive, high-fidelity virtual environment. The CAE Sprint VR trainer comes complete with virtual reality headset, haptics, physical flight controls, CAE Medallion image generator, and CAE virtual coach, in addition to leveraging CAE Rise (Real-time insights and standardized evaluations) for objective grading and assessment.

During I/ITSEC, CAE will conduct demonstrations of the CAE TRAX Academy, including digital learning tools, CAE Sprint VR trainers, and a T-6C flight training device. The demonstrations will show the progression of the training continuum – Learn, Practice, Perform -- with CAE Rise integrated throughout to provide the data analytics and predictive analysis necessary for continuous improvement and closed-loop training.

“Global militaries are faced with a current and growing challenge to produce pilots faster and more efficiently without impacting the quality standards that military pilot training has become known for,” said Joe Armstrong, Vice President, Global Business Operations – Product & Solutions, CAE.

“Today’s digital technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and data analytics are enabling a new approach to pilot training that is more self-paced and tailored to student learning. As a leading training systems integrator, the CAE TRAX Academy is CAE’s answer to redefining how military student pilots learn, practice and then perform on the journey to becoming a pilot,” he added.

The CAE TRAX Academy is a comprehensive and integrated suite of digital learning tools and training media designed to streamline pilot throughput from the start of undergraduate pilot training. First, student pilots use digital tools such as a mobile app and virtual reality-enabled courseware to learn and understand required training tasks and procedures. Next, students practice what was learned in the CAE Sprint VR training device. Uniquely, the CAE Sprint VR trainer includes the CAE virtual coach to provide immediate and actionable instruction, as well as CAE Rise to assess progress and measure achievement in mastering the required task or procedure.  Finally, students perform what they practiced and demonstrate proficiency in a higher-fidelity simulator, which also leverages CAE Rise to help the instructor validate student progress.

The CAE Sprint VR trainer enables student pilots to practice training tasks, procedures and maneuvers in an affordable, immersive virtual environment. CAE has enhanced realism and fidelity in the CAE Sprint VR trainer compared to other VR trainers by providing full cockpit acuity and interaction, incorporating haptic feedback and using the CAE Medallion image generator to render database content.  In addition, the CAE Sprint VR trainer features the CAE virtual coach to deliver audio intervention and correction, and CAE Rise to objectively measure student progress and proficiency.

“Last year we launched the Project Digital Intelligence research and development program to innovate in developing next-generation training solutions. The CAE TRAX Academy and CAE Sprint Virtual Reality trainer are examples of our digital transformation applied to pilot training and addressing the very real challenges many militaries are facing to increase pilot throughput efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Philippe Perey, Head of Technology – Defense & Security, CAE. 

CAE’s Defense & Security business unit focuses on helping prepare our customers to develop and maintain the highest levels of mission readiness.  We are a world-class training systems integrator offering a comprehensive portfolio of training centers, training services and simulation products across the air, land, sea and public safety market segments.  We serve our global defense and security customers through regional operations in Canada; the United States/Latin America; Europe/Africa; and Asia-Pacific/Middle East, all of which leverage the full breadth of CAE’s capabilities, technologies and solutions.



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