Dassault Aviation Introduces “Aboard the Rafale” Animated Application

11.11.2019 North America
Dassault Aviation Introduces “Aboard the Rafale” Animated Application

Dassault Aviation Introduces “Aboard the Rafale” Animated Application

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With its new “Aboard the Rafale” application, Dassault Aviation aims to raise understanding of the fundamental principles of aircraft flight.

This fun but educational application has theoretical phases, offering a series of simple animations to help you understand the combined effects of the forces acting on an aircraft in flight.

After each explanatory phase, “Aboard the Rafale” also allows you to take the controls of Dassault Aviation’s flagship fighter plane! Each user can test their control of the aircraft by going through the center of the virtual targets on each of the five increasingly difficult routes, and take part in a “buddy-buddy” in-flight refueling mission.

“Aboard the Rafale” allows those equipped with the headsets to benefit from an even more immersive 360° experience!

The “Aboard the Rafale” application is available for free download now on the following website:


 With over 10,000 military and civil aircraft delivered in more than 90 countries over the last century, Dassault Aviation has built up expertise recognized worldwide in the design, development, sale and support of all types of aircraft, ranging from the Rafale fighter, to the high-end Falcon family of business jets, military drones and space systems.

 In 2018, Dassault Aviation reported revenues of €5.1 billion. The company has 11,500 employees.


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