Iran Tests Precision-Targeting Artillery Munitions

FNA11.10.2019 North America
Iran Tests Precision-Targeting Artillery Munitions

Iran Tests Precision-Targeting Artillery Munitions

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Lieutenant Commander of Iran’s Ground Force General Nozar Nemati said that his forces have tested the precision-striking power and capability of their artillery in single-shot targeting practices during the Wednesday drills in Northwestern Iran, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

“Today, the Army Ground Force units' artilleries have grown to such a level of preparedness that they destroy the target by firing only a single shot,” General Nemati said.

 “The artilleries’ precision-striking power was one of the important achievements of the Ground Force’s unprecedented drills,” he added.

 General Nemati underlined the Ground Force’s self-sufficiency in production of different military equipment and weapons, and said “the Ground Force will test new equipment appropriate to any threats by enemies.”

The Iranian Army Ground Force kicked off massive drills in the Northwestern parts of Iran on Wednesday in the presence of Army Commander Major General Seyed Abdolrahim Mousavi.

 The wargames started by the rapid reaction and mobile offensive units of the Army Ground Force supported by the Airborne helicopters in Orumiyeh region in Northwestern Iran.

 Combat preparedness, rapid reaction, mobility and assessment of the units’ power are among the goals of the unprecedented wargames that are staged with the motto of ‘one target, one bullet’.

 For his part, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami underlined Iranian experts’ capability to manufacture Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs).

 “We should go towards production of unmanned vessels and acquiring such an achievement is possible given the know-how we possess,” General Salami said, addressing the national forum on speed boats in Gilan province in Northern Iran on Wednesday.

 He described sea as the main battlefield to confront enemies, and said: “Today, the Islamic Republic and the IRGC are in possession of the most state-of-the-art technologies to produce and enhance the military vessels.”

 Meanwhile, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri announced that Iran plans to manufacture speed boats in the near future which voyage at the speed of 100 knots per hour.

 “Today, marine vessels which cruise at 90nots/h will be unveiled,” Rear Admiral Tangsiri told reporters in the Northern city of Rasht on Wednesday.

 In relevant remarks last Monday, Rear Admiral Tangsiri had said that the Iran-made speed boats would in the near future voyage at the speed of 90 knots per hour.

 “Today, we have missile-launching vessels which cruise at the speed of 72 knots/h, we have also reached the 80knots/h too and we will increase the speed to 90 knots/h in the near future,” Rear Admiral Tangsiri said in an interview with the state TV. 

He also said that the range of Iran’s marine cruise missiles has increased to 300km, adding that missiles with more ranges will be unveiled in the next naval wargames. 



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