TEI Delivers First Domestic Helicopter Engine to Turkish Aerospace

15.05.2019 North America
TEI Delivers First Domestic Helicopter Engine to Turkish Aerospace

TEI Delivers First Domestic Helicopter Engine to Turkish Aerospace

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Designed and manufactured by TUSAŞ Engine Industries (TEI), the first domestically produced T700-TEI-701D engine, which will power the domestic Black Hawk helicopter, was delivered to Turkish Aerospace, Daily Sabah reported.

The delivery took place Monday at the TEI premises in the central Anatolian province of Eskişehir at a ground-laying ceremony for TR Engine, a new research and development center for turboshaft engines.

In his address at the ceremony, Defense Industries President İsmail Demir expressed that the companies investing in Turkey and partnering up with Turkish firms will reap their rewards. With regards to the engine design, Demir said that Turkey has taken concrete steps. He also noted that the activities on engine development for the domestic helicopter and the T129 ATAK Tactical Reconnaissance and Attack Helicopter are underway.

He particularly emphasized Turkey’s necessity for turboprops, turbojets and turbofans.

 “TEI has improved its design activities and capabilities. The TR Engine will certainly play a significant role in becoming Turkey’s domestic engine development center while supporting companies like TEI,” Demir said.

 Eskişehir Governor Özdemi Çakacak drew attention to the significant role TEI plays in the development of a domestic defense industry.

 “Today, we are witnessing the delivery of a locally manufactured turboshaft engine that will power the domestic Black Hawk helicopter. This success proves that Turkey has the know-how and experience for a bigger project,” the Governor said.

 TEI General Manager Mahmut Faruk Akşit also noted that the domestic Black Hawk is being developed by TAI, TEI and ASELSAN. Akşit highlighted that 236 turboshaft engines will be delivered to the Turkish military within the specified period of 20 years.

 “T700-TEI-701D is the first domestically produced helicopter engine with 2,000 horsepower and will power the Gökbey multipurpose helicopter,” he said.

 The research and development center, which started construction Monday, will carry out development activities of the turboshaft engine.

 T700-TEI-701D turboshaft engine, is the latest generation of T700 engine family, which is a front drive, turboshaft engine featuring an integral inlet particle separator; a single-spool gas generator section consisting of a five-stage axial, single-stage centrifugal flow compressor, a through flow annular combustion chamber, a two-stage axial flow gas generator turbine; and a free two-stage axial flow power turbine.

The T700-TEI-701D features improved hot-section components that provide twice the hot-section durability and 5% more power than the current T700-GE-701C model engine.

 According to a previous release by the U.S. giant General Electric (GE), TEI has the export licenses for the turboshaft engine and will be able to sell it abroad.

 In 2016, Turkish Aerospace (TA) signed a $3.5 billion agreement with Sikorsky Aircraft. As part of the deal regarding the Turkish Utility Helicopter Program, 109 T-70 type Black Hawk helicopters will be produced and delivered to the Turkish Air Forces, Turkish Armed Forces, General Commandership of the Gendarmerie, Special Forces Command, the Security General Directorate and the General Directorate of Forestry within the next 10 years beginning from the date of the deal. TA is responsible for manufacturing, final assembly operations, tests and integrated logistic support of all airframe structures and composite rotor blades.

 In addition to TA’s work scope, TEI-Turkish Engine Industries builds engines under a license of General Electric (GE). Aselsan will develop and integrate avionics and will co-develop with Sikorsky Aircraft an enhanced digital cockpit known as the Integrated Modular Avionics System (IMAS); Alp Aviation is responsible for production and assembly of landing gears, gearbox and dynamic components.


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