FNSS to Showcase Wide Range of Products at IDEF 2019

29.04.2019 North America
FNSS to Showcase Wide Range of Products at IDEF 2019

FNSS to Showcase Wide Range of Products at IDEF 2019

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As a globally active company, FNSS participates in a large number of shows every year. IDEF holds a very special place among those events and FNSS has taken part in every IDEF show since its start in 1993.

In this respect, each IDEF has presented the evolution of FNSS family of products, the growth and diversity of its users and progressive development towards becoming a global company. IDEF ‘19 will now be a reflection of 30 Years of Success and show the world at large that FNSS is ready for the next 30 years.

At the 14th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF ’19), taking place in Istanbul from 30 April 30 to 03 May, FNSS will exhibit a series of vehicles and systems for the first time, including:

  • The KAPLAN 10, which was developed under the Anti-Tank Vehicle (ATV) Program and has recently been proven in firing trials, will be on display for the first time. PARS 4x4, the wheeled partner of KAPLAN 10 under the same program, are completing their qualification process and will soon start entering service. We believe that both of these platforms will serve as special mission vehicles with friendly and allied countries for many years to come, following entry into service with the TAF.
  • The most recent example of the ability of FNSS to respond to special requirements with innovative solutions is the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV). Developed towards the requirement of the Turkish Naval Forces Command for an amphibious armoured vehicle, the prototype of the MAV will be publicly displayed for the first time at IDEF ‘19. Dual role by definition, the MAV must provide a high performance both on land and in the water. Very few countries have this capability in inventory and only one company other than FNSS within NATO and its allies that can produce this class of vehicle.
  • The PARS III 8x8 Combat Engineering Vehicle and the AV-8 CBRN vehicle will greet visitors as representatives of our innovative approach in the field of wheeled armoured vehicles.
  • FNSS approach to the ACV Modernisation solution and its capability of presenting valid solutions for its vehicles to be effective well into the future.
  • FNSS Anti-Tank Remotely Controlled Turret (ARCT) and Armoured Remote Weapon System (ARWS) solutions will be displayed to showcase the fire power of its armoured combat platforms.

Additionally, representing yet another ‘first’ in the sector, the Award Ceremony for the 3rd MILDESIGN International Military Land Vehicles Design Competition will take place during IDEF ‘19, similar to ‘15. FNSS would like to invite all IDEF visitors with an interest into the future of military land platforms to its ‘19 Award Ceremony.

This year, FNSS celebrates its 30th Anniversary as ‘A World Renowned and Respected Turkish Defence Company’. Since 1989, from the moment that the contract for its initiation program of Armoured Combat Vehicles (ACV) production became effective, FNSS has come a very long way, successfully completing major local and export programs, in addition to attaining “globally trusted and respected Turkish partner in defence”.



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