Russia’s Aerobatics Team Takes Part in LIMA 2019

Photo © Sergei Fadeichev/TASS Tass26.03.2019 North America
Russia’s Aerobatics Team Takes Part in LIMA 2019

Russia’s Aerobatics Team Takes Part in LIMA 2019

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Russia’s world-famous Russian Knights aerobatics team arrived in Malaysia on Saturday evening to take part in the LIMA 2019 international exhibition of the maritime and aerospace industries, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

 “The Russian Knights will take part in the international exhibition’s opening,” the Ministry said.

“During the exhibition, four Russian Knights crews flying Su-30SM aircraft will demonstrate aerobatic stunts. Their program also includes solo flying and flying in pairs. The crews will demonstrate their most spectacular stunts and maneuvers,” the Ministry added.

The Russian pilots had to make four stops on their journey to Malaysia.

The LIMA 2019 exhibition is taking place on the Langkawi Island on 26-30 March. Russian Knights regularly take part in the annual show. Two years ago, the group chose the LIMA air show to stage its first-ever foreign aerobatic performance aboard the new Su-30SM planes.

The Russian Knights is the world’s first aerobatic group flying heavy fighter jets that retain the combat capabilities of serial-produced warplanes. 



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