New Peli™ 9600 LED Modular Light Unveiled

11.02.2019 North America
New Peli™ 9600 LED Modular Light Unveiled

New Peli™ 9600 LED Modular Light Unveiled

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Now it’s easy to light up long stretches of rail track, tunnels, and even a makeshift runway, without the hassles of conventional heavyweight light towers.

Peli Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting systems, introduces the Peli™ 9600 LED Modular Light.

This powerful solution uses special optics to offer continuous lighting fully compliant with the HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) requirements for illumination. Moreover, with fewer lights chained up, you will be able to cover the same working area as other linear lights, having a cost-effective result.

Peli™ 9600 LED Modular Light illuminates a clean, seamless beam spread without dark spots, while competitors’ lights produce a dull, uneven beam spread. The 9600 offers minimal light transmission loss in comparison to similar linear lights; the declared 3.000 lumen value per light head is the true verified light output. Similar systems may lose some of the declared lumen value due to the material and design of the lens, but the unique ‘optically clear’ polycarbonate used for the custom recessed 9600 lens reduces scratching, light transmission losses and provides light exactly where it is required.

“Getting the job done isn’t always a 9 to 5 operation. For those extra dark hours we have created the linkable Peli 9600 LED Modular Light to provide dependable, brilliant lighting for long work sites,” said Piero Marigo, Peli Products EMEA Managing Director. “The bottom line is that a properly lit job site is safer and this daisy-chain lighting system provides that.”

Engineered with side/end bracket mount receptors and four strap attachment points, plus a stand system that can extend up to 3 m, the 9600 is ready to mount to fences, hang overhead or stand on its own. The Interlocking Stack Pattern makes transportation and storage simple, resulting in a cost-effective use of space. 

Its durable design with internal shock supports has been tested onto concrete to withstand drops from 3 m and wind speeds up to 40 km/h in extended mode (2,85 m mast) and up to 35 km/h when folded (1,85 m). Proof that this light was designed to use in extreme outdoor conditions. Key features include:

  • Connect multiple light heads from one power source
  • 3.000 lumens per light head
  • Wide beam coverage. No dark spots!
  • Adjustable / tilting light management
  • Stackable heads for efficient transport/storage
  • Impact/vibration absorbing design
  • Additional pole, base, cable accessories available (sold separately)


Peli Products, S.L.U. is the Europe, Middle East and Africa Headquarters of Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. 

Peli’s products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including firefighters, police, defense/military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Peli products are designed and built to last a lifetime. 

The company operates in 140 countries, with 28 offices and 6 manufacturing facilities across the globe. Peli Products is a portfolio company of Behrman Capital, a private equity investment firm based in New York and San Francisco.


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