Welp’s Tactical, Armored SUVs for Special Operations

07.05.2018 North America
Welp’s Tactical, Armored SUVs for Special Operations

Welp’s Tactical, Armored SUVs for Special Operations

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Welp Group offers a wide portfolio of armored vehicles for Special Operations ranging from pick-ups to SUVs. Welp’s expertise in engineering and production of individual armouring solutions allows for made-to-measure products for almost every application.

Each of Welp’s vehicles can be developed and adapted according to the operational requirements in terms of tactics, defense and reconnaissance.

Welp’s armored F2-TLC in public authority version stands exemplarily for safety and mobility. As a specially protected squad car, it is particularly designed to be suitable for armed special operation forces. Thus it provides specific equipment options for special operation deployments. This includes gun-ports, roof escape hatches (allowing for quick exit in case of emergency), built-in and extendable leg protection at bottom side of each door, tactical light systems, as well as radio communication units.

Such vehicles are used in particular in police situations with high risk potential to transfer armed Special Forces to their place of deployment under highest security measures.

The ability to safely operate within the area of danger is of severe importance in times of growing terrorist attacks. This mobility allows for fast and effective responses to quickly eliminate the threat and potentially evacuate people out of the danger zone.

In addition to the armored F2-TLC, Welp also facilitates professional patient transports out of danger zones with our specially armoured ambulance based on the Mercedes Sprinter. This vehicle is characterized by the multitude of different configurations options making it extremely versatile. Thus the F-MSC can be used as an armoured passenger transporter, delivery vehicle, troop transporter and of course as an armoured ambulance.

The vehicle can be manufactured as desired to either a low protection level (such as VR4) or even to the highest civilian protection level (VR9).  Welp’s F-MSC has already been presented at several trade fairs with its full equipment in the past. Nonetheless, the high-quality workmanship and fascinating armour solution made our ambulance the object of interest every single time.

Another highlight is the F6-GMC, which was developed primarily for military use and will soon be available up to protection level VR9. The F6-GMC is based on the GMC Yukon XL Denali and is a successful addition to our existing portfolio. With the development of this special-protected vehicle, Welp takes another step in the supply chain of vehicles for military applications.



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