RUAG Defence Wins New Order in Tactical Communications

13.04.2018 North America
RUAG Defence Wins New Order in Tactical Communications

RUAG Defence Wins New Order in Tactical Communications

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International technology company RUAG Defence has won an order to supply additional equipment from its ARANEA portfolio to a major international customer. The order involves interoperability platforms that expand the range of application of digital tactical radio communication systems. The contract has already been signed.

The equipment supplied by RUAG Defence allows IP-based terrestrial communication systems to be established, enabling not only voice but now also data to be transmitted across different systems and networks. The platform, which is part of the ARANEA portfolio, also supports the continuous expansion of secure communication networks, as both applications and services can be hosted and adapted independently of the manufacturer.


RUAG Defence already won an order early in the year to supply NATO task forces with ARANEA equipment. Through the two contracts, RUAG Defence is making a significant contribution towards securing interoperative communication in national and multinational operations.


The core business of RUAG Defence includes products and services for tracked and wheeled vehicles, realistic training for soldiers and reliable information and communication infrastructures, as well as protection solutions to counter ballistic and electromagnetic threats. Its comprehensive portfolio also covers maintenance, operation and integration of relevant systems and innovative upgrades for these systems.

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