Russia Test Launches Iskander-M Missile

File Photo: Sputnik Photo: Russian Defense Ministry08.03.2018 North America
Russia Test Launches Iskander-M Missile

Russia Test Launches Iskander-M Missile

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The Russian Defense Ministry has reported a successful test-launch of an Iskander-M missile, which took place at the Kapustin Yar firing range in southern Russia’s Astrakhan region.


“Fired at a range of more than 100km, the missile is aimed at a target simulating the command post of a conventional enemy. The target was destroyed with a high degree of accuracy,” the Ministry said.


The Iskander-M missile launch became the final stage of the tactical drills for Russian servicemen based at the 60th training center for the combat use of missile forces.


The Iskander-M is one of Russia’s newest high-precision weapons, which entered service at the country’s armed forces in 2006. Its supersonic, guided nuclear-capable missiles, ranged at 415-500km, can be independently targeted in seconds, and are fully controlled at every stage of their flight path. 



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