Iran Names New Commander for Navy’s Special Forces

File Photo:FNA FNA22.02.2018 North America
Iran Names New Commander for Navy’s Special Forces

Iran Names New Commander for Navy’s Special Forces

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Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi appointed a new Commander for the IRGC Navy’s Special Forces, Fars News Agency (FAN) reported.


In a ceremony on Farur Island in Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, Brigadier General Sadeq Amouyi (photo) was appointed as the Commander of the IRGC Navy’s Special Commando Forces.


General Amouyi who replaced Admiral Asqar Me’mari has a record of advising the Syrian army forces in their fight against the terrorist groups.


In November, Rear Admiral Fadavi had underlined his forces’ high preparedness and said that Washington is not aware of the IRGC's naval power.


“The IRGC Navy has used all its capacities to enhance security in the Persian Gulf and is now at the highest level of preparedness and capabilities,” Fadavi said.


Noting that the IRGC Navy has never been as powerful as today, he added: “The Americans are not aware of the IRGC Navy’s high capabilities and the US statesmen will understand it when their warships sink in the Persian Gulf (in case of any war between the two sides).”


Meanwhile, the Iranian Navy’s 50th Fleet of Warships berthed in Sri Lanka on 16 February 2018 on a training mission in a bid to bolster professional relations between the two countries’ navies.


Iran’s 50th Flotilla is comprised of Naqdi and Bayandor destroyers as well as Tonb logistic combat warship.


The Iranian flotilla’s visit is aimed at reinforcing ties between Iran and Sri Lanka and also promoting peace and friendship culture, according to FNA.


A team of Iranian cadets are aboard the Navy vessels to pass training courses.


Holding meetings between Iranian and Sri Lankan Commanders, visiting training and operational centers, participating in cultural and historical sites and holding sports games were on the visit’s schedule.


In late January, the 50th flotilla of the Iranian Navy set off for high seas to safeguard maritime routes used by Iranian vessels in international waters, especially in the Gulf of Aden.


The new fleet which left Iran’s Southern waters on January 30 comprised two home-made Shahid Naqdi and Bayandor destroyers and a logistic combat warship named Tonb.


A number of Iranian cadets were also present in the Navy mission in the international waters.


Furthermore, the 49th fleet of warships of the Iranian Navy returned to Bandar Abbas in Southern Iran early January after completing 67 days of sea navigation in free waters.


Iranian Navy’s 49th flotilla of warships, comprising of Sablan destroyer and Bandar Abbas logistic-combat warship, was welcomed by Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi in a ceremony in Bandar Abbas.


The 49th flotilla of the Navy returned to the country after 67 days of sailing and fulfilling missions and participating in relief and rescue operations which was held in Bangladesh in the presence of 33 countries of world.


The Iranian Navy’s flotilla participated in Search and Rescue (SAR) naval drills participated by warships from 32 other countries comprising 23 member-states and nine observer members in Bangladesh. The Iranian squadron sailed more than 3,800 nautical miles to reach the South Asian country. 



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