Nexter Robotics Presents NERVA® Family at CANSEC 2017

01.06.2017 North America
Nexter Robotics Presents NERVA® Family at CANSEC 2017

Nexter Robotics Presents NERVA® Family at CANSEC 2017

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Nexter Robotics, a subsidiary of the Nexter Group, specialized in the design and marketing of robots for use in defense and safety applications, is presenting its NERVA® range at the latest edition of the CANSEC trade show, taking place from 31 May to 1 June 2017at EY Center, Ottawa, Canada.

Devoted entirely to innovation and the multi-role capabilities of its systems, Nexter Robotics continues to work on strengthening its range of NERVA® robots. In addition to its flagship product, the NERVA® LG, Nexter Robotics recently extended its products range with the NERVA® LGH (heavyweight version of the NERVA® LG, with a weight of 12 kg, for increased mobility and range).

Over and above this new extension of its range, Nexter Robotics has updated its version of the 2-wheeled NERVA® S which now includes a thermal imaging camera.

In exhibiting the NERVA® family on the Group’s stand, Nexter Robotics is demonstrating yet again the extent of its system’s capability spectrum. The breadth of its payload range (manipulating arm, 3D scans, weapon firing detection, CBRN detection) and mobility kits (tracks) enables the NERVA® family to fully meet the mission requirements with which it may be entrusted: detection of suspicious objects under vehicles or detection of CBRN threats, IED destruction or site surveillance.

In addition to its high level of performance, the NERVA® family is simple to control using a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. It also has proven independent operating capabilities, particularly using its waypoint navigation facility and automatic return on mission completion.

Moreover, combining its use with that of a UAV (for transport or radio relay) enables the robot’s operational capabilities to be extended, thus making it ideally-suited to a multiplicity of defense, safety, surveillance and rescue missions.

Nexter, the leading French land defense company and third European player in the ammunition sector is part of the KNDS Group. It is dedicated to meeting the needs of the land forces of Nations on an international scale. The scope of its business includes the supply of weapon systems and ammunition for air and naval forces. The group continues to apply its international development policy with 60% of the order intake in 2016 intended for the export market.

In France, Nexter is fully committed to meeting the objectives of the SCORPION program, through the renovation of the Leclerc tank and the development of the future GRIFFON and JAGUAR vehicles within the GME (temporary business venture between Nexter, Thales and Renault Trucks Defense).

The group’s range of products includes ARAVIS®, TITUS® and VBCI armored vehicles, CAESAR®, TRAJAN® and 105LG1 artillery systems, smart ammunition (BONUS), as well as customer service and support.

Nexter’s 2016 turnover amounted to €771 million, of which 19% is allocated to Research and Development activities.



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