Roketsan Concludes Successful Participation at AUSA

13.10.2016 North America
Roketsan Concludes Successful Participation at AUSA

Roketsan Concludes Successful Participation at AUSA

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Roketsan briefed many senior level delegations including Turkish Ambassador to Washington and Military Attaché on a wide array of products on display at AUSA 2016 held in Washington DC, USA earlier this month.

Roketsan held important cooperation negotiations during the show in which giants of defense industry participated.

Roketsan further plans an active presence at the upcoming INDODEFENCE 2016, due to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 2-5 November 2016.

Roketsan, which started operations in 1988 with a skeleton team, is rapidly going forward today to become a global company in defense industries sector with personnel of more than 1900, 52 % of which comprise engineers, an invested capital of 4 Billion Turkish Lira (TL) and its accumulation of technologic knowledge.

During the 2.75” Laser Guided Missile CİRİT project which was initiated by the Ministry of National Defense in 2004 to meet the requirement of the Land Forces, advance technologies were developed such as Laser Guidance, Intermediate Stage Guidance, Insensitive Rocket Motor and Insensitive Warhead, as a result of the completely original design studies, those different than of their equivalents all over the world.

Early in 2004, export contract were signed for rockets and weapon systems produced according to original designs and with the skills developed in the past. Thus, product and service sales to foreign countries were started at system level.

In 2005 and after, an extensive industrial structure was formed under the prime contractorship of Roketsan, by means of the project agreements concluded within the frame of the studies conducted for the development of original missile systems, Long Range Anti-Tank Missile UMTAS, Medium Range Anti-Tank Missile OMTAS and Towed Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System, started and currently supported by SSM. Moreover, in these projects technologies such as On Board RF Data Link, Imager Infrared (IIR) Seeker Head, Insensitive Tandem War Head and Platform Integration have been acquired. Intermediate Guidance technologies were carried even further with the Insensitive Rocket Motor developed during the studies for Multi-Stage propulsion System and CİRİT Missile.

Under the agreement entered with NAMSA on the requirement of Turkish Armed Forces, Munitions Sorting and Separating Facilities (MAAT) erected for disposal of the monitions the shelf life of which is expired, safety and without environmental hazards were delivered in November 2007. The installation of Munitions Life Assessment Facility (MIGYEM) was completed in 2011 and it was delivered also under the agreement with NAMSA.

The setting up work the Ballistic Protection Center (BKM) housing the infrastructure required for the design, development, production and testing of the armor of ALTAY National Tank as well as various armor systems started in November 2009 in line with the agreement concluded between SSM and Roketsan was completed by Roketsan and the facility was commissioned on 28 November 2010.

CİRİT missile, produced under the production contract signed in 2011, after the product and production line qualification procedures are completed as the first missile system with an original design, was introduced to TSK inventory in May 2012. Another significant development in the history of Roketsan has been the integration of Tapasan into our body. Fuze is one of the important subsystems for rockets and missiles as well as other types of munitions. Tapasan A.Ş. (Fuze Industries Inc.) which had been established to meet the fuze requirements of TSK as an affiliate of TSKGV (Turkish Armed Forces Strengthening Foundation) merged with Roketsan in June 2012. 



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