Dassault Aviation Celebrating 100th Anniversary

14.04.2016 North America
Dassault Aviation Celebrating 100th Anniversary

The first three of 24 Dassault Rafale fighter aircraft for Egypt were handed over on 20 July, just five months after the deal was announced. (Source: Dassault Aviation)

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Dassault Aviation is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2016. The production of the first aircraft part designed by its founder, Marcel Dassault, the Éclair propeller, was used on French airplanes during the first major aerial combat in history, in the skies over Verdun in 1916.

The aim behind this centennial celebration is to illustrate the company’s human, technical and industrial experience and capabilities, which will continue to be used during the next century, plus its unique role in the French economy and its resolutely global stance. The story of Dassault, which started with aeronautics, has since expanded to include other high-tech sectors, such as electronics and digital design.

Today, Dassault Aviation offers a family of combat aircraft (the Rafale, in single- and twin-seat, air force and naval versions), along with the Falcon family of business jets (Falcon 2000LXS, Falcon 2000S, Falcon 900LX, Falcon 5X, Falcon 7X and Falcon 8X). The Falcon’s proven capabilities and operational flexibility are behind the Japanese coast guard’s selection of the Falcon 2000 MSA (maritime surveillance version) in 2015.

In just 15 years, fast-paced progress in information technology has moved design departments from drawing boards to computerized 3D design. Physical models have disappeared, replaced by virtual digital models, enabling the first item produced to be directly operational. This industrial revolution was made possible by product lifecycle management (PLM) software from Dassault Systèmes. This approach is already widespread in the aerospace and automotive sectors, and is expanding to many other sectors.

Dassault Aviation is now gearing up for the future as prime contractor for nEUROn, a European program for an unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) technology demonstrator, leading contributors from Sweden, Greece, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. Drawing on its skills and expertise, Dassault Aviation has also shown its interest in developing combat drones, especially within the scope of the French-British FCAS (Future Combat Air System) program, as well as medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) drone systems.

As a major player in the French industrial landscape for many years, Dassault Aviation boasts proven high-tech expertise that makes it one of the world’s leading plane-makers. The company’s two-pronged success in high-performance combat aircraft and Falcon business jets is largely due to the outstanding men and women who work for the company.

In 2015 alone, 45 Falcon were ordered and 20 Falcon Netjets were cancelled, compared to 90 Falcon ordered in 2014. After a growth of the Falcon activity in 2014, the economic environment, especially in emerging countries, strongly impacted the group’s prospects and customers.

Furthermore, 48 Rafale Export were ordered following the coming into force of the contracts signed with Egypt (24 Rafale) and Qatar (24 Rafale).



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