Lockheed Submits Aegis CSEA Proposal to U.S. Navy

16.12.2011 North America
Lockheed Submits Aegis CSEA Proposal to U.S. Navy

Lockheed Submits Aegis CSEA Proposal to U.S. Navy

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Lockheed Martin submitted its final proposal to the U.S. Navy to provide combat system engineering services, including design, development, integration, test and life cycle support for Aegis-equipped ships.

During the four decades that Lockheed Martin has partnered with the Navy as the Aegis Combat System Engineering Agent (CSEA), the team has evolved the system 15 times to outpace a wide array of dynamic and evolving threats.  

"Our unique combat system expertise, proven performance and dedication to affordability make Lockheed Martin the best choice for the Navy's Aegis combat system engineering agent," said Carmen Valentino, the Lockheed Martin Aegis CSEA Capture Executive.

Aegis is the world's premier combat system and is the foundation for the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense capability. Aegis-equipped ships are multi-mission surface combatants that can simultaneously attack land targets, submarines and surface ships while automatically implementing defenses to protect the fleet against aircraft and missiles.

Aegis is also the combat system of choice for the navies of Australia, Japan, Norway, the Republic of Korea and Spain.

One hundred Aegis-equipped ships are in service around the globe. They have more than 1,200 years of at-sea operational experience and have launched more than 3,800 missiles in tests and real-world operations.


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