Oshkosh Defense Unveils Heavy Recovery Technology

26.09.2011 North America
Oshkosh Defense Unveils Heavy Recovery Technology

Oshkosh Defense Unveils Heavy Recovery Technology

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Heavier vehicles and more powerful improvised explosive devices (IED) are placing new mobility and protection demands on the U.S. Armed Forces’ recovery vehicle fleet.

To address these challenges, Oshkosh Defense will unveil the latest in heavy recovery technology at Modern Day Marine 2011 (27-29 September; Quantico, Virginia).

Oshkosh Defense developed the Heavy Recovery System (HRS) technology demonstrator based on the battle-proven Logistics Vehicle Replacement System (LVSR) platform and cutting-edge wrecker technology from Jerr-Dan, an Oshkosh Corporation company.  

“The Oshkosh HRS offers the military unsurpassed recovery abilities from a single vehicle,” said Mike Ivy, Vice President and General Manager of Army Programs for Oshkosh Defense. “Oshkosh independently developed a highly-protected and mobile platform and worked with our sister company, Jerr-Dan, to integrate top commercial wrecker capabilities. We built this mobile platform to lift and retrieve the heavier armored, IED-damaged vehicles, and most importantly, it integrates the levels of troop protection required in current conflicts."
With a Jerr-Dan 50-ton rotating boom, dual 50,000 lb boom winches, and dual 40,000 lb constant pull drag winches, the HRS can retrieve both Class I and Class II MRAPs, and even the largest military wheeled vehicles. The system can rescue overturned vehicles and drag severely damaged vehicles to the recovery vehicle for hook-up and return to base. The HRS offers spading, along with the ability to operate all four winches simultaneously to enable vehicle recovery in a mire or ravine. Four-axle steering capability delivers a tight turning radius, and superior mobility is delivered through the use of Oshkosh’s TAK-4® independent suspension system across all five axles.

These capabilities are delivered on the battle-tested LVSR platform, used by the U.S. Marine Corps for the transportation of heavy payloads, such as munitions, fuel, water and heavy equipment. The HRS features a proven underbody blast protection for improved crew survivability. The system also has the ability to accept add-on armor kits to increase protection for troops in high-tempo operations across expansive and varied terrain.

At Modern Day Marine, Oshkosh Defense will also display a full range of cutting-edge vehicle platforms and technologies to serve the U.S. Marine Corps - light through heavy.


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