Oshkosh Unveils Next-Gen Light Combat Vehicle

15.09.2011 North America
Oshkosh Unveils Next-Gen Light Combat Vehicle

Oshkosh Unveils Next-Gen Light Combat Vehicle

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The next generation of light combat military vehicles require new levels of mobility and protection to operate effectively in remote, rugged and hostile landscapes.

Oshkosh Defense designed the Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV) to meet the military’s future needs based on 10 years of operational experience with the military utilizing Oshkosh’s heavy, medium and MRAP vehicle fleets in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

The affordable Oshkosh L-ATV incorporates field-proven technologies, advanced armor solutions and expeditionary levels of mobility to redefine safety and performance standards for the U.S. Armed Forces and international militaries. The L-ATV also is designed for future growth, with the ability to accept additional armor packages and technology upgrades as the mission requires.

“We designed the L-ATV to address the rapidly evolving threats and provide troops with greater ability to navigate through extreme driving conditions,” said Ken Juergens, Vice President and General Manager of Joint Programs for Oshkosh Defense.

“Battlefields have changed – threats are more dangerous, operating environments are more rugged and fuel efficiency is more important than ever. The state-of-the-art L-ATV is designed to meet these challenges, today and well into the future, just as our M-ATV continues to meet evolving battlefield threats without comprising its payload and off-road mission profile,” he added.

Equipped with the Oshkosh TAK-4i™ independent suspension system, the next generation of Oshkosh’s TAK-4® suspension system, the L-ATV can safely navigate dangerous on- and off-road terrain while providing unmatched ride quality. The TAK-4i technology uses a proprietary technology to deliver 20 inches of independent wheel travel – 25 percent more wheel travel than any vehicle in the U.S. military’s fleets – and expands on the success of the TAK-4 system, which is currently fielded on more than 20,000 military-class vehicles.

The L-ATV’s armored capsule is scalable and can accept multiple armor configurations to protect troops from IEDs and today’s other prevalent battlefield threats. The capsule is optimized for protection, weight and mobility, and its modular and flexible design allows the vehicle to accept a greater range of upgrades and continuous enhancements.

The L-ATV’s modern technology engine delivers expanded power capabilities, greater fuel efficiency and integrated communications for improved diagnostics and maintenance over legacy engine technologies currently fielded. An optional Oshkosh ProPulse® diesel-electric hybrid powertrain has been developed, integrated and tested in the L-ATV, providing a powertrain option that can be readily implemented to maximize the vehicle’s efficiency through improved fuel economy, high levels of exportable power (stationary and on the move) and lower life-cycle costs.

As evidenced with the MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) production, when the company ramped up to exceed 1,000 vehicle deliveries per month, Oshkosh has robust manufacturing capabilities, proven expertise and is ready now to build the L-ATV cost effectively on-time and in the quantities needed, with flexibility for future growth. Oshkosh’s flexible production capabilities and remanufacturing experience allow the company to quickly incorporate production changes or retrofit vehicles with additional armor or upgrades.


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