HC-130J Completes Developmental Testing

25.03.2011 North America
HC-130J Completes Developmental Testing

HC-130J Completes Developmental Testing

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The new HC-130J personnel recovery aircraft, developed for the United States Air Force Air Combat Command, has completed developmental testing.

The final test point was air-to-air refueling and was achieved on March 14. This was the first refueling of an HC-130J, and the first ever boom refueling of a C-130 where the aircraft's refueling receiver was installed during aircraft production.

This test point also applies to the MC-130J Combat Shadow II aircraft in production for Air Force Special Operations Command.

Rollout of the first MC-130J will be celebrated at the Lockheed Martin facility in Marietta, Georgia on March 29.

The first HC-130Js and MC-130Js will start deliveries in August with Initial Operational Capability for both scheduled for 2012.


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