ITT Defense at IDEX 2011

20.02.2011 North America
ITT Defense at IDEX 2011

ITT Defense at IDEX 2011

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ITT Defense will showcase some key technologies and solutions at IDEX 2011, including:
•ITT’s Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG): ITT’s Gen 3 night vision technology is an integral part of a soldier’s ensemble and allows for a higher performing night vision goggle that soldiers require.  Most ground-based soldiers use a variant of ITT’s AN/PVS-14 night vision monocular, a high-performance and lightweight and night vision goggle that provides enhanced resolution for target recognition and identification.  ITT’s ENVG optically combines thermal infrared imagery (IR) and image intensification (I²) into one goggle.
•High-Resolution Commercial Remote Sensing: For over 50 years, ITT has been pushing the technological envelope for space-borne imaging systems.  ITT was recently selected to build the imaging systems, for GeoEye and DigitalGlobe's latest earth-imaging satellites, GeoEye-2 and WorldView-3, respectively.
•GNOMAD: ITT’s GNOMAD system provides broadband, on-the-move, satellite connectivity through the integration of several commercial-off-the-shelf products to deliver a combat-proven and reliable communications system to extend critical network connectivity to the lowest possible echelon on the battlefield.
•Wide-Area Airborne Surveillance: This ITT solution allows for huge collections of data over small communications links, which can be generated over days and nights in a scalable, open architecture, creating an “unblinking eye” to adversary movements and actionable intelligence.
•Airborne Processing: ITT’s onboard processor is able to compress, store, process and serve geospatial information from airborne platforms directly to disadvantaged ground users. Warfighters are continually challenged with larger volumes of data from an increasing number of sensors and sensor capabilities while the collector asset is ‘in the air’.
•SINCGARS: ITT’s SINCGARS communications network is the most widely-deployed combat net radio in the world, with 350,000 units in 34 countries.  SINCGARS combines data and voice with networking capability, improving the ability to pass data and real-time voice messages anywhere on the battlefield.
•Air Traffic Control Systems: ITT provides the most advanced air defense surveillance solutions available, including Active Electronically Steered Antenna (AESA) radar systems for land-based, naval, and airborne platforms. As a leader in ATC/ATM, ITT provides highly accurate area surveillance and precision approach landing systems.
•Coastal Surveillance Technology: ITT’s latest generation of coastal surveillance radars, the LCR-2020 product line, can successfully operate in a variety of formerly prohibitive environments.  These radars provide the ability to scan an entire coastline, recognize threats close to the surface and distinguish between a heavy rain storm and an actual intruder.
•Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS): ITT will be showcasing a new, leading edge system that, at minimal cost, can protect against the growing threats from sophisticated anti-aircraft systems. The Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS) is configured either internal to the aircraft (F-16) or in a pod that can be mounted to a wide variety of fighter aircraft.


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