Harris to Supply Tactical Radios to Coalition Forces

12.01.2011 North America
Harris to Supply Tactical Radios to Coalition Forces

Harris to Supply Tactical Radios to Coalition Forces

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Harris Corporation has received a $14.4 million order to provide additional RF-310M-HH handheld tactical radios for improved secure communications interoperability.

Harris will deliver RF-310M radios to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) under the U.S. Department of Defense Coalition Readiness Support Program. The multi-band, multi-mission, software-defined RF-310M is the first NSA-certified tactical radio to utilize Type-1 Suite-B encryption algorithms for protecting voice and data transmissions up to SECRET level classification.

Suite B capability enables secure interoperable communication between coalition units using RF-310M-HH radios and U.S forces using either RF-310M-HH or other Suite B tactical radio products, such as the Falcon III(r) AN/PRC-152(C) handheld and AN/PRC-117G manpack radios.

"The RF-310M-HH simplifies how forces from different nations communicate in combat by lowering barriers to interoperability," said Brendan O'Connell, President, Department of Defense Business, Harris RF Communications. "The result is improved coordination, better mission planning and reduced risk of friendly fire."

The RF-310M-HH radio uses the Sierra IIB programmable encryption module, certified by the NSA in June 2009. In addition to military applications, the RF-310M-HH also hosts the APCO P25 waveform. The P25 waveform provides interoperability with radios used by police and other emergency response organizations, allowing the RF-310M-HH to span the gap between tactical and public safety networks. The RF-310M provides users with programmable encryption technology, a Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and coverage of the entire 30-512 MHz frequency range.


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