EADS Defence & Security Renamed CASSIDIAN

18.09.2010 North America
EADS Defence & Security Renamed CASSIDIAN

EADS Defence & Security Renamed CASSIDIAN

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EADS Defence & Security, a world leader in global security solutions and systems for civil and military markets, announced its official name change to CASSIDIAN. The announcement was made by EADS and by CASSIDIAN CEO Dr. Stefan Zoller.

CASSIDIAN remains a division of EADS and will be able to market its large portfolio of security systems more effectively by establishing a clear-cut profile in the global market place. “Our business is changing. So are our customers; especially on the civil markets which we address with our security products, it is essential to be perceived as a strong brand,” said Dr. Stefan Zoller, CEO of CASSIDIAN.

“The new name CASSIDIAN comes from the Latin terms "cassida" (helmet) and "meridian" (imaginary line running north and south). It symbolizes worldwide protection and security, thus reflecting the CASSIDIAN claim – Defending World Security,” said Annette Füllenbach, Head of CASSIDIAN Communications.

Together with the name, CASSIDIAN has also introduced a new logo. The globe with hands surrounding and protecting it symbolizes the company's commitment to support those whose mission is to protect the world.

The Business Units have also received new names which highlight the core of their activities: CASSIDIAN Electronics, CASSIDIAN Air Systems and CASSIDIAN Systems.

The company will begin to use the new name and logo immediately. Its subsidiaries will retain their present names for the time being, but will immediately adopt the new logo.
The strategic goals of the company remain the same. As the leading manufacturer of military air systems, radar technologies, secure communications and nationwide security systems, CASSIDIAN will continue to be active in its domestic markets while further pursuing its global development. India, Brazil and the Middle East are identified as major growth areas.




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