FNSS Launches New Redesigned Logo on its 25th Anniversary

24.02.2016 Europe
FNSS Launches New Redesigned Logo on its 25th Anniversary

FNSS Launches New Redesigned Logo on its 25th Anniversary

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FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S., the international defense systems company and a major land systems manufacturer of Turkey, was built with a culture of growth, development and transformation.

As the company celebrates its 25 year history, FNSS signifies this evaluation by the recent introduction of its redesigned logo.

General Manager and CEO of FNSS Mr. K. Nail Kurt expressed his thoughts about the philosophy of new the logo: “We consider change as an opportunity for continuous development. Since production began in 1990, we have constantly improved our products and services. Recently adding new export contracts by competing with major defense companies in the global arena. FNSS` new logo will symbolize our capability on development and evolution, which has brought us here today and will carry us into the future.”

The new logo of FNSS will symbolize the determination, dynamism and reputation of our brand

FNSS designed a logo that symbolizes the strength and reputation of the company. The newly designed FNSS logo in red letters, represents unlimited energy, a new generation, dynamism, agility and determination. The underlining steel arrow stands for “our faith in continuous development.

FMC-NUROL Savunma Sanayii A.S. was established in 1989 with the aim of manufacturing tracked armored combat vehicles for the Turkish Armed Forces, which was renamed as FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S. in 1997.

That same year, FNSS also received Turkey’s first complete weapon system export contract. Since 2000, FNSS has extended its product range by adding its indigenous designed wheeled and tracked armored combat vehicles including weapon systems.

With facilities and headquarters based in Ankara, Turkey, FNSS is also exporting technologies by extending its design and manufacturing capabilities with local partnerships in the Middle East and South East Asia. In addition, FNSS provides integrated logistics support services in three continents for the thousands of armored combat vehicles the company has provided to its global customers.



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