The RTD Higuard Enters Service with Singapore’s Army

21.07.2015 Europe
The RTD Higuard Enters Service with Singapore’s Army

The RTD Higuard Enters Service with Singapore’s Army

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Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the 2nd People’s Defense Force (2 PDF), the Higuard vehicle produced by RENAULT TRUCKS Defense has officially entered service with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Offering a high level of protection, this vehicle enables the SAF to continue its mission safely.

Combining the excellent off-road mobility of the Sherpa Medium 6x6 tactical truck and a high level of crew protection with its V-shaped hull designed to withstand ballistics, mines and IEDs, the Higuard vehicle from RENAULT TRUCKS Defense also offers an excellent standard of comfort.

On 8th July 2015, the Higuard was officially declared operational within the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) by the Singapore Minister of Defense, Dr. Ng Eng Hen. Some forty vehicles, officially designated Peacekeeper, will equip the 2nd People’s Defense Force, a unit tasked with protecting sensitive facilities and coordinating the military resources in crisis situations.

The Higuard adapts to the needs of modern operations with is large interior volume and payload enabling it to carry up to 12 soldiers and their equipment. A remotely operated turret enables the vehicle's self-protection system to be deployed.

Singapore is the second export customer for the Higuard vehicle.

VOLVO GROUP GOVERNMENTAL SALES is in charge of Defense, Security activities and Emergency services within the Volvo Group, with the following brands: RENAULT TRUCKS Defense, ACMAT Defense, PANHARD Defense, VOLVO Defense and MACK Defense.

VOLVO GROUP GOVERNMENTAL SALES is a leading player in the field of wheeled military and security vehicles.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense, one of three participants in the Joint Venture (GME) which was awarded the Scorpion contract by the Minister of Defense on 5 December 2014, is to participate in the development of the French Army's new generation of front-line vehicles Griffon and Jaguar. RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is in particular responsible for supplying the powertrains for these two vehicles, and for providing the whole supply chain for the spare parts and components of the Scorpion program.



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