Erdogan, Ozel Visit Roketsan Stand at IDEF Exhibition

12.05.2015 Europe

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Roketsan was one of the leading actors during IDEF 2015 which was held in İstanbul-Turkey this past week (5-8 May 2015).

President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), General Necdet ÖZEL, Minister of National Defence of the Republic of Turkey, İsmet YILMAZ visited Roketsan booth.

Roketsan had the chance to display its products which are; SOM and SOM-J Stand Off Missile, 2.75” Laser Guided Missile CİRİT, Pedestal Mounted CIRIT (PMC), Multi Caliber Rocket and Missile Launching Systems, Low and Medium Altitude Air Defence Missiles HİSAR-A and HİSAR-O, Medium and Long Range Anti-tank Missiles OMTAS and UMTAS, New Genaration Laser Guided Kit TEBER and many capabilites to  the distinguished members of various delegations from all over the world.

IDEF 2015, the 12th International Defense Industry Fair  is the platform where plenty of noteworthy solutions and products were put on show. Some of these are typically Defence Industry, Army, Defense, Military, Naval, Aviation, Aerospace and Aircraft.

The amount of people attending this Exhibition is estimated at 54,000.

Many delegations in charge of defense area visited the show: 20 Ministers, 6 Chief of General Staff, 20 Deputy Ministers, 3 Deputy Chief of General Staff, 7 National Force Commanders and 15 Undersecretaries and many civil and military acquisition authorities are attending.

Many important trade connections will be established after the meetings between participant local / foreign defense industry representatives, committee’s and our authorities that framed offices at the fair.

At the IDEF 2015 Fair, Turkish  defense products were displayed, an indicator of the level reached by the Turkish defense industry.

IDEF is organized biennially.



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