Thales to Deliver 20 Ground Terminals for Syracuse III Program

26.02.2015 Europe
Thales to Deliver 20 Ground Terminals for Syracuse III Program

Thales to Deliver 20 Ground Terminals for Syracuse III Program

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The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) has awarded Thales a contract to supply a further 20 ground terminals as part of the Syracuse III satellite program.

Installed on VAB light armored vehicles, these sitcom terminals will operate as fully-functional network nodes for France's satellite communications on-the-move capability. The 20 terminals will be delivered from early 2016 to mid-2017.

These VENUS terminals equipped with satcom on-the-move (Satcom OTM) systems from Thales enable commanders to stay in touch while on the move in the theatre. The command vehicles communicate via the Syracuse system, which connects them directly to other deployed assets. With Satcom OTM technology, vehicles fitted with satellite antennas can establish and maintain a satellite link whether they are moving or stationary.

The innovative Satcom OTM solution from Thales complements other radio communication systems and has standard interfaces to connect other tactical communication equipment for higher data rates and overall availability.

By providing a permanent command communication capability in the theatre of operations, the solution meets the requirements of ground force units on the move in terms of information exchange and force protection.

This latest contract award is an endorsement of newly developed active antenna technology with electronic scanning, which offers better coverage and availability than conventional parabolic antenna solutions.

The contract for the first 10 stations was awarded by the DGA in 2009 as part of an urgent operational requirement for Afghanistan.

The 10 VENUS terminals delivered in 2010 have been deployed in Afghanistan and Mali, where they provided front-line vehicles with a permanent tactical communication capability in environments where other communication systems were unable to operate due to range limitations or terrain features such as, deep valleys and high mountains.

France's Syracuse III system (SYstème de RAdioCommunications Utilisant un SatellitE/satellite-based radio communication system) is a series of satellites that enables French forces stationed in France or deployed overseas to access best-in-class satellite telecommunications services offering excellent performance in terms of throughput and anti-jam protection.



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