Captor E-Scan Radar Will Keep Eurofighter Typhoon Ahead

21.11.2014 Europe
Captor E-Scan Radar Will Keep Eurofighter Typhoon Ahead

Captor E-Scan Radar Will Keep Eurofighter Typhoon Ahead

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BAE Systems welcomes the news that the four Eurofighter nations have placed a contract for the full integration of the Captor E-Scan radar onto Eurofighter Typhoon. As the system integrator, the contract will represent an order value of £365million to BAE Systems.

This will give Eurofighter Typhoon one of the most advanced radar systems in the world providing a wider field of regard than any other combat aircraft. Other benefits include increased detection and tracking ranges, advanced air-to-surface capability and enhanced electronic protection measures.

An upgraded BAE Systems Eurofighter Typhoon development aircraft has already undergone a series of modifications as part of ongoing Captor E-Scan development.  The aircraft flew for the first time with Captor E-Scan fitted in July this year and will continue both ground testing and flight trials.

Martin Taylor, Managing Director, Combat Air at BAE Systems said: “This is a major step forward in the development of Typhoon. From the outset, the aircraft was built with capability enhancement in mind and this step is proof that we are developing Typhoon to keep it relevant for today and for the future. Typhoon has become the backbone of a number of air forces and with the potential for further development it will be meeting the needs of modern warfare for decades to come.”   

Eurofighter Typhoon is already regarded as one of the world’s leading swing-role combat aircraft and the addition of Captor E-Scan radar will further enhance its capabilities and desirability in the International market.

BAE Systems will now work with its Eurofighter partners to achieve the in-service requirements of each Typhoon customer. This will include retro-fitting to existing Tranche 2 and Tranche 3 aircraft where required.



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