Renault Trucks Defense's Vehicles for Special Forces

24.06.2014 Europe
Renault Trucks Defense Vehicles for Special Forces at Eurosatory

Renault Trucks Defense Vehicles for Special Forces at Eurosatory

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Renault Trucks Defense presented its complete range of vehicles for Special Forces at Eurosatory this past week. RENAULT TRUCKS defense has real expertise in this area and offers solutions ideally suited to this type of mission, thanks to its long- standing collaboration with elite units.

The COS is entirely equipped with vehicles supplied by RENAULT TRUCKS Defense.

The SHERPA LIGHT SPECIAL FORCES vehicle is an 8 to 11 t 4x4 tactical and light armored vehicle. This vehicle is ideally suited for long range, off-road patrols. Its huge payload gives it a long operating range (ammunition, fuel, spare parts, military survival kit). It is also designed to be fitted with add-on armor (ballistic, anti-blast and IED kits) without any loss of mobility or payload, unlike older vehicles. It is powered by a 215 hp RENAULT engine with huge torque (800 N.m. at 1200-1700 rpm) and meeting emission compliance up to Euro 5. Its 0.6 m ground clearance also contributes to its high mobility and anti-blast and IED protection. The SHERPA LIGHT is able to climb a gradient of up to 100 %, negotiate a side slope of 40 % and cross a 0.9 m deep trench, and has a fording capability of 1.5 m. This vehicle is particularly well suited to the specific needs of Special Forces: five seats, open top and folding windscreen, mounts for weapons and special equipment.

The BASTION PATSAS is a semi-open-top vehicle, developed with the French Special Forces. The BASTION range (10-12 t) meets all the requirements of light forces in terms of protection, survivability, mobility and on-road capability. The BASTION is in service in many countries and is used by Special Forces. The BASTION PATSAS can carry 2 + 3 soldiers. It is provided with a number of weapon mounts and its payload gives it a long operating range.

The VLRA COMMANDO is an 8-12 t vehicle intended for Special Forces. The VLRA is the tactical multi-purpose vehicle reference in the French Army and in other Armed Forces. In 2010, this range was completely upgraded to keep abreast of the changing requirements of users: new engine, new braking and steering system, payload increased by more than a ton for each version, greater maneuverability and better cabin ergonomics. The VLRA, which is available in versions with both an electronic and non-electronic engine control system, thus incorporates leading-edge technologies: a more powerful engine that meets the Euro 2 and Euro 5 emission standards, a disconnectable ABS and a 5-speed automatic gearbox. The VLRA has an exceptional operating range of 1,200 km and a 150-liter water tank. Its design, modularity, ruggedness, standardized components and low maintenance costs make it a vehicle particularly well-suited to operations in hostile environments. A new 6x6 version rounds out the 4x4 range, always with the famous spares commonality across the range of products that has made the VLRA so successful.

The ALTV FS is a 3.5 t 4x4 vehicle which is designed to provide excellent tactical mobility with a high maximum speed and exceptional off-road performance. Its reinforced wheelbase gives it a payload capability of 1.4 tons, one of the highest in this segment. Its 190 hp engine gives it a top speed of 160 km/h.

ALTV FS, Bastion PATSAS, VLRA Commando and Sherpa FS form a complete range of vehicles specially designed for the most demanding Special Forces.



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