Sagem, MBDA Ink 2 Contracts for Medium-Range Missile

23.06.2014 Europe
Sagem, MBDA Sign 2 Contracts for MMP Medium-Range Missile

Sagem, MBDA Sign 2 Contracts for MMP Medium-Range Missile

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Sagem (Safran) announced two contracts with its partner MBDA for the new MMP medium-range missile, which will replace the French Army's Milan anti-tank missiles

These contracts concern the development and production of a twin-mode seeker for the missile and the optronic (electro-optical) control unit for the firing-posts. The first tranche of the contract provides for the production of more than 1,500 seekers and 225 optronic control units, to be delivered starting in 2016.

The MMP seeker, developed by the team of Sagem and MBDA, provides target acquisition and tracking via an uncooled infrared channel or a visible wavelength channel. It incorporates an inertial reference unit (IRU) designed and built by Sagem, which provides information to both the seeker and the missile itself for navigation and flight control.

The optronic control unit is fitted with a high-definition twin-field infrared sensor offering advanced image processing, a daytime video channel, GPS receiver, magnetic compass and, on option, a laser rangefinder. This advanced sighting system gives the gunner images from both the cameras in the firing-post and the missile's seeker.

The MMP reflects Sagem's dual expertise in optronics and guidance, allowing it to be used day or night, and at short notice. Designed to meet the evolving requirements of today's armed forces, these optronic and guidance units enhance the MMP's flexibility for a wide range of operating modes: fire and forget, re-assignment of the missile in flight, using the "man in the loop" mode, seeker lock-on after launch, etc.

Both the optronic units and the seekers will be produced by Sagem's Poitiers plant, while Montluçon will make the inertial components.

These two contracts consolidate Sagem's long-standing relationship with MBDA for missiles and other weapon systems. Sagem enhances the value of its partner's offering by providing mission-critical equipment such as sights, thermal imagers, platform stabilization and high-precision inertial navigation. Sagem develops and produces the infrared seekers for MBDA missiles including the Magic, Mica IR and Mistral.

(1) The MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée) medium-range missile program is covered by a development and production contract awarded to MBDA by the French defense procurement agency DGA on December 3, 2013. According to the 2014-2019 military planning law, MBDA will deliver 175 firing-posts and 450 missiles. The program provides for a total of 400 firing-posts and 2,850 missiles. Source: French Ministry of Defense.


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