INVISIO Wins New Order for Headsets & Accessories

19.05.2014 Europe
INVISIO Wins New Order for Headsets & Accessories

INVISIO Wins New Order for Headsets & Accessories

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INVISIO has received an order from a military customer in a Nordic country. The order is for headsets, control units and accessories.

The total order value is approximately SEK 7.0 m and the products will be delivered during the second half of 2014.

INVISIO specializes in voice communications in difficult conditions. The company develops, manufactures, markets and sells communication solutions such as advanced headset, control units and associated equipment for use with two-way radio, primarily for professional users who are often working in difficult environments. Customers are found, for example, in the Military and Special Forces, Police and SWAT teams, emergency services, the security sector, and various industries throughout the world.

In the military's regular units and Special Forces, extreme noise from helicopters, heavy vehicles, explosions, and gunfire are a part of everyday life. For these groups, communication can mean the difference between mission success and failure, between life and death.

In order for the units to conduct their missions effectively, strict demands are placed on advanced communication equipment that can also be integrated with new and existing communication systems. Military Special Forces may also need to communicate in whispers.

Protecting hearing is also important for the military, both in the short term to prevent acute hearing loss and deafness due to explosions and gunfire, and in the long term to reduce problems with disorders such as tinnitus, which is a common occupational hazard among soldiers.

Many countries' military organizations are also constantly reviewing their equipment in so-called modernization programs, where old equipment is replaced. There are currently more than 49 such programs going on in 38 countries, most of them in the US and Europe, but also in Asia, South America and Africa.

INVISIO Communications AB is a Swedish limited liability company with its registered office in Stockholm, Sweden.

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