Pelican Products, Inc. Acquires Cool Logistics

13.02.2014 Europe
Pelican Products, Inc. Acquires Cool Logistics

Pelican Products, Inc. Acquires Cool Logistics

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Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems, announced the acquisition of UK based Cool Logistics, provider of temperature controlled packaging solutions.

Cool Logistics will merge with previously acquired Minnesota Thermal Science under the Pelican/Peli BioPharma division. The combined companies will offer the largest global footprint in the industry with local sales, distribution and customer service support.

Specializing in the design, test and qualification of temperature controlled packaging solutions, Cool Logistics is dedicated to fulfilling the complex needs of the global healthcare industry. Customers benefit from their extensive expertise in ensuring that temperature stability is maintained throughout the distribution chain. Diverse industry needs are recognized and the challenges that different geographical regions present are taken into account. Product range includes everything from dry-ice shippers, chilled and room temperature solutions around the SHERPA™ brand of products, the soon to be released CHRONOSTM Advance high performance range and bulk freight forwarding solutions leveraging the COOLPALL™ brand. Off-the-shelf solutions, customized designs and third party solutions NANOCOOLTM  (utilizing advanced push button evaporative cooling technology) and  SILVERSKINTM  (Thermal covers) are also available, as well as a variety of sizes from small mailers to pallet accepting shippers.

“Cool Logistics’ presence in countries such as the UK, India, Singapore and Australia will allow us to better service international markets, bringing critical solutions to our global customers,” said Lyndon  Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican Products, Inc. “With this acquisition and the recent  integration of Minnesota Thermal Science, we’re now positioned to provide customers with the  industry’s widest range of packaging solutions leveraging a variety of technologies.”

The Peli BioPharma™ line offers a full suite of products and services designed with longevity, reusability and sustainability in mind, providing the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, tissue, diagnostics/clinical trials and blood supplies. Products include the reusable CREDO CUBE®, which protects payload contents at defined temperatures longer than any other passive thermal shipper.

Additionally, the CREDO XTREME® full pallet which holds 890 liters and the half pallet which holds 406 liters, each provide 35% more payload space than the closest competitor. Recent developments include the extension of the CREDO DURACUBE® family of products and the introduction of the CREDO PROMED™ product line, extension of service centers around the world, and the release of the next generation of its asset management software.

“Cool Logistics and Minnesota Thermal Science fostered a successful relationship over the past several years. We’re well prepped for this next phase of expansion as a Pelican BioPharma company and look forward to continuing our lead in innovative technology and exceptional service levels,” said Kevin Valentine, Strategic Development Director and Co-Founder of Cool  Logistics.


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