Carl Zeiss Optronics Becomes Cassidian Optronics

03.10.2012 Europe
Carl Zeiss Optronics Becomes Cassidian Optronics

Carl Zeiss Optronics Becomes Cassidian Optronics

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Cassidian has acquired a majority shareholding in what was previously Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH from Carl Zeiss AG.

Cassidian now holds a 75.1 % stake in the new company, which has its headquarters in Oberkochen, Germany, while Carl Zeiss AG holds 24.9 %.

All of the optical and optronic activities previously carried out by Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH are to be continued under the name of "Cassidian Optronics GmbH". This includes also the South African subsidiary Carl Zeiss Optronics (Pty) Ltd. soon trading under "Cassidian Optronics (Pty) Ltd.". This was announced by Cassidian in Munich.

Bernhard Gerwert, CEO of Cassidian (photo), said: “Carl Zeiss Optronics represents a valuable addition to our existing capabilities in the field of sensors. In coming years, this will enable us to offer complete sensor solutions to customers around the world, supplying everything required ourselves.”

For Cassidian, the acquisition of this part of Carl Zeiss AG is a strategic addition to its existing product portfolio. Cassidian Optronics will exploit Cassidian's global sales channels and its know-how, to provide its existing business activities with a long-term perspective. Both partners expect that the combination of market access and the integration into Cassidian's systems and platform business will open up new business opportunities. The company will be integrated into Cassidian's “Sensors & Electronic Warfare” business line.

Cassidian's “Sensors & Electronic Warfare” business line develops and manufactures products in the fields of radar, electronic warfare, air traffic control and self-protection in Germany, France, Belgium and South Africa.

At its German locations of Oberkochen and Wetzlar, as well as at its South African site in Irene, Cassidian employs about 780 staff in the development and manufacture of optronic, optical and precision-engineered products for military and civil applications. The emphasis here is placed on border surveillance systems, optical and optoelectronic equipment, components for vehicles and submarine periscopes.


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