DGA Chooses Sagem’s Ballistic Computer

19.05.2011 Europe
DGA Chooses Sagem’s Ballistic Computer

DGA Chooses Sagem’s Ballistic Computer

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Following a competitive call for tenders, the new-generation ballistic computer offered by Sagem (Safran group) was chosen by French defense procurement agency DGA to outfit all control stations in the French army's Atlas artillery system. The outstanding technical quality of this product was the decisive factor in winning the contract for this program, designated CADET 2G.

Sagem's computer will determine fire control solutions for 155mm artillery pieces and mortars, as primary or backup control for the Atlas system, as well as during force projection missions. More than 100 of these computers will be delivered.

CADET 2G will provide the following services: deployment of artillery pieces as a battery; management of technical and tactical firing data; determination of firing solutions; ballistic calculations (NATO methods or firing tables); fire control and adjustment.

The CADET 2G solution intended for French artillery was directly derived from the Storm FCC (Fire Control Computer), a new Sagem product developed to meet artillery and mortar firing requirements in international markets.

Designed according to NATO standards, the Storm family is available in 3 different versions:
  • Storm FCC stand-alone computers for control stations.
  • Storm FCS (Fire Control System) for gun fire control, as original equipment or retrofit.
  • Storm FMS (Fire Management System) for tactical systems.

Some 20 different countries have already chosen Sagem systems for their artillery units. These systems offer various capabilities, including target designation, optronic sensors, laser-gyro based navigation and pointing systems (Sigma 30), fire control and tactical information systems.


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